How It All Began - Social Media Kickstarter Training

How The Social Media Kickstarter Scheme Began

Once upon a time (like Spring 2021), a man called Garry Kousoulou and a woman called Carole Fossey were having a zoom chat.  They had recently met and done some joint social media training on zoom for 800 business owners who were part of a network organisation called BNI.

Garry was telling Carole how he was a ‘gateway’ for this thing called the Kickstarter Scheme.  The scheme was a government-funded project to help young people, who had been struggling to find work, get a foot on the ladder.  It did this by covering the cost for employers to hire someone for 25 hours a week, for 6 months.

But there was something puzzling Garry.

He felt like employers were just not interested in taking up the scheme.  After discussing the reasons for this the pair felt that it was probably because employers – especially small employers – were just too busy trying to keep their businesses afloat during the pandemic and did not have time to train someone up.

“Why don’t we solve that problem for them?”, they exclaimed.

Garry and Carole had run businesses for 40 years between them and around 15 years (between them) running Loving Social Media and Strategy Social Media.  They decided to pool their combined knowledge and set up a portal where they would upload ALL of their training on everything digital – from WordPress and SEO, to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.  They included email marketing, funnels and advertising, and Google My Business.

They covered design and post and video creation, content, blog writing and much more. And with Carole’s background in running recruitment businesses, the employability skills that the scheme requires was also covered.

And then they started telling people.  Garry applied for a kickstart, and got Heather, a creative writing graduate, who works on the Kickstarter project itself!  Then they told a few clients, then some contacts, and before you know it – the Social Media Kickstarter scheme was born.

This Kickstarter scheme is unlike any other in the UK that we are aware of for the level of training and support given.  The young people in this course will become fully functioning and valuable Social Media Managers for their businesses and for a future company after their Kickstarter placement.

Our current Kickstarters are loving this training, and the support they have access to (daily zoom support calls and a private Facebook group) – and this support will continue after their 6 months, for as long as they need it.

Our aim is to help 1,000 young people be fully-fledged Savvy Social Media and Digital Managers by 2022.

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