Who can apply for a Kickstarter?

Any Limited company, Not for Profit or Charity with at least ONE person (could be the director) on the payroll.  For every subsequent 3 employees you can apply for another kickstarter.  So for 4 employees you can have one kickstarter, for 7 you can have 3 etc.

What are the rules? Can I use this scheme to employ a young person I already know?

You must not use this scheme to make someone redundant or to reduce their hours. This needs to be a new position and one that you would not be creating if it were not for the Kickstart scheme.

You also must not be bankrupt, or have staff on Furlough.

You can employ someone you already know, but they must be aged 16-24 and on universal credit.

I have been turned down. Why? And Can I reapply?

A proportion of direct applicants are unsuccessful with no reason provided by the DWP.  We can re-apply for you through our Gateway and can sometimes get answers for you as to why your direct application was not successful.

What kind of job can I have a kickstarter for?

Any job you like – but this specific scheme is designed to help you with having a social media work placement (Kickstarter).  If you would like to create a different type of position then, as an approved Gateway, we can process that application for you and help with work readiness training (CV writing, interview skills, applying for jobs, communication etc).

What do I need to provide?

You will need to provide direction for the young person.  We suggest meeting (can be on zoom) at least twice a week – to provide guidance for the week on a Monday for example, and to check how their week has gone on a Friday (depending on the working pattern).

Our training resources are massive and cover everything but clearly, they cannot learn everything at once – so you should prioritise the things that are most important eg LinkedIn, or Facebook, or WordPress, or SEO.  We will provide you with a list of the training once you have been approved for you to prioritise with your Kickstarter.

You may also have to provide or help with and IT kit – if you need them to have a mobile phone for work for example, and any on the job training not relating to digital marketing.

What is the process?

Come on our weekly zoom call to ask all your questions and decide if this is for you. If it is you can fill in the Google document we will send you.   If you already know you want to apply email us at applications@socialmediakickstarter.co.uk and we will send you the Google Document to complete.

We then take your information and apply for you directly.  As we have experience of many applications, this is often more successful than doing it yourself.  It is also quicker then going through the gateway.  If your application is not successful we will re-apply through the gateway. 

The DWP will be in touch in the first instance within 2-3 weeks to tell you if you have been successful, and once you have that email you should let us know.

Successful applicants may then have to fill in a vacancy form (even though we have already given them this information. 

You can decide how many cv’s you wish to see and within the next 7-14 days you should begin to received CV’s from your local job centre. You can interview using your own interview process, or if you need help we can provide you with a suggested format and questions.

Once you have chosen your successful applicant you can agree a start date and let us know including giving us their contact details, so that we can invite them to their induction training. 

The first 2 weeks of their employment they will be going through basic training in the tools they will need to use.  You will receive communication from us asking what your social media / digital priorities are so that we can direct the young person to the correct training on our platform.

They will also join a Facebook group for Kickstarter.  Employers will not be allowed to join that group as we want the kickstarters to have a safe space where they can ask for help without being judged. 

We will be live in this group every day of the week to answer their questions, share screens and help them in whatever way they need help.