Digital Apprenticeship - Social Media Kickstarter Training

Digital Apprenticeship

Unlock your potential in the digital world with our cutting-edge Digital Apprenticeship Programme. Transform your career and acquire in-demand skills for success in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Accelerated Skill Development

Gain a competitive edge as our digital apprenticeship propels you through hands-on training, accelerating your skill development and equipping you with the latest tools and technologies.

Mentorship from Industry Experts

Elevate your learning experience with personalised guidance from seasoned professionals, offering invaluable insights and expertise to shape your digital career journey.

Direct Path to Employment

Forge a direct path to success as our apprenticeship programme connects you with industry leaders and opens doors to exciting job opportunities, ensuring a seamless transition.

What You’ll Learn:

Our cutting-edge Digital Apprenticeship Programme is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic world of technology.


  • Web Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Elevate your business to new heights with a digitally fluent and highly skilled workforce.

Carole Fossey

Founder Strategy Social Media April 2015

Co-Creator of Social Media Kickstarter Training April 2021

Helped almost 200 young people off unemployment and into jobs as social media apprentices

Qualified Life Coach

Award-winning Public Speaking Coach & Author

Founder Leading Women in Business Social Media Management Software

Garry Kousoulou

Founder of Loving Social Media 2008

Co-Creator of Social Media Kickstarter Training April 2021

Helped almost 200 young people off unemployment and into jobs as social media apprentices

Qualified Dispensing Optician

Founder – Loving Local

Judge at The Business Book Awards for Marketing

Created & Hosted the First Enfield Business Awards 2023

Choose Your Path to Digital Excellence

Foundational Excellence

From digital marketing essentials to data literacy, your team will acquire a skill set to navigate the digital landscape confidently and make an impact on your business’s brand.

Strategic   Leadership

Your team will delve into cutting-edge technologies, emerging trends, and leadership strategies, ensuring they become the driving force behind your business’s digital transformation.

Industry-Specific Mastery

Whether you’re in finance, healthcare, or any other sector, this track ensures your team acquires specialised digital skills directly applicable to your industry’s challenges.


“I want to thank Carole and Garry for introducing me to social media management and the great people at SMKT! The people I’ve met through SMKT have all been kind, helpful and cool. Thank you for all your hard work guys!”
Saul Hourigan St Clare


“Thank you so much Garry and Carole for everything. I knew nothing about social media when I started but with your help, I have now found something I am really passionate about and love doing. You gave me so much confidence and I can’t thank you enough.”
Hollie Hadley 


“Thank you so much Garry & Carole for all your time, dedication, and support in helping not just myself, but hundreds of young people get experience in Social Media & Marketing! 
I have gained knowledge in stuff I never thought I would and it’s all thanks to the both of you! 
SMKT is an experience that I’ll always treasure.
Emily Hague


“Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me! I have learnt some unforgettable things while on my course from social media to life lessons. Thank you for giving me access to some great knowledge and also having the opportunity to meet some amazing people especially yourselves!”
Alivia Wornes


How is your Digital Apprenticeship Programme different from other training programmes available in the market?
Our programme stands out through its tailored curriculum, hands-on learning approach, and customisable training plans. We collaborate with industry experts to design a curriculum that addresses the specific needs of businesses today. The emphasis on real-world application and the ability to customise training plans ensures that our programme aligns seamlessly with your business goals, setting it apart from one-size-fits-all alternatives.
How can the Digital Apprenticeship Programme benefit my business?
Our programme offers a unique blend of immediate impact and long-term benefits. Your team will acquire skills that can be applied immediately to boost productivity and efficiency. The tailored mentoring training plans ensure that the benefits are not just theoretical but translate into tangible results, positively influencing your business from the start.
Can I tailor the training plan to address the specific needs and challenges of my industry?
Absolutely. We understand that each industry has its unique demands. Our Digital Apprenticeship Programme is designed to be flexible, allowing you to customise the training plan according to the specific requirements of your industry. This ensures that the skills acquired are directly relevant and applicable to the challenges your business faces, making the programme adaptable to diverse industry landscapes.
How does the mentorship component work in your programme?
Certainly. Each apprentice in our programme receives mentoring from seasoned professionals in their respective industries. This mentorship is a crucial aspect of our programme, providing personalised guidance and insights. It creates a dynamic learning environment where apprentices not only gain theoretical knowledge but also benefit from the practical wisdom and experience of industry experts. This mentorship component ensures a holistic and enriching learning experience for all participants.
How will the Digital Apprenticeship Programme positively impact my team's performance, and are there measurable outcomes?
The impact of our programme on your team’s performance is both quantifiable and transformative. As your team acquires new digital skills and applies them in real-world scenarios, you can expect increased productivity, efficiency, and innovation. The goal is not just to train but to catalyse a measurable positive change in your team’s capabilities and your business outcomes.

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